More artificial intelligence improves lives

More artificial intelligence improves lives

People also need to make more use of cell technology to improve their electronic lives, whether it is wireless earbuds that people continue to use to pay attention to music, or healthy „wearable devices” and other devices that monitor life cycles and track exercise methods. As a result, people’s acceptance of wearing better-listening devices is higher.

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Now consider increasing the knowledge of artificial intelligence technology and the functions of hearing aids, in addition to health products, there are some other uses. They more closely resemble the emerging „heard” lifestyle, which is a key part of ubiquitous computing, such as virtual assistants or smart glasses.

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Installing a hearing aid usually requires the talent and insight of a listening care professional. The process starts with a specific audiology assessment, but whether our audiologists do their best or not, hearing aids can be difficult to adapt. The proof proves that the duration of adaptation-audiologically, a period of time for adjusting the hearing aid to amplify the reward-is absolutely normal. What if we can avoid too long adapting to the environment by designing personalized sound knowledge from the beginning?

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When hearing care professionals tailor hearing aids to patients, they realize that each patient’s needs are different-each area they want to improve their hearing has its own unique sound characteristics. Hearing aids can be adjusted in advance according to the user’s natural listening environment-they will reduce the overall level of discussion in the coffee shop or increase the voice of friends in the park. But doing so is often unnecessary temporary and guidance.

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