New IC has higher security

Diodes Incorporated AP9221 1-Cell Battery Protection IC

Diodes Integrated AP9221 1-Cell Battery Security IC is actually a single-chip defense alternative made for 1-cell Li+ rechargeable battery pack applications. The AP9221 integrates a 1-cell Lithium-ion battery safety chip plus a dual N-Channel MOSFET with typical drain. The AP9221 offers wealthy battery safety options and can turn-off the N-Channel MOSFET by detecting overcharge voltage/current, over-discharge voltage/current, or load limited circuit.

TUSS4440 Transformer Push Ultrasonic Sensor IC

Texas Instruments TUSS4440 Transformer Generate Ultrasonic Sensor IC is often a remarkably integrated transformer drive analog front stop for industrial ultrasonic programs. The transducer generate stage consists of low-side complementary drivers which will be configured to generate an ultrasonic transducer by a step-up transformer. The unit delivers a constant existing to your main aspect in the transformer. The obtain signal route features a low-noise linear amplifier, a band move filter, adopted by a logarithmic attain amplifier for input dependent amplification.

Silicon Labs Si3471 PoE Energy Sourcing Devices IC

Silicon Labs Si3471 Electrical power in excess of Ethernet Electrical power Sourcing Machines (PSE) IC is suitable for use in PoE midspans and injectors that do not require a host or microcontroller. The Si3471 integrates one particular Ethernet port using the IEEE-required Run Gadget (PD) detection and classification performance, and can supply up to 90W. Moreover, it options PD disconnect making use of DC sense algorithms along with a strong multipoint detection algorithm.

EiceDRIVER Gate Driver ICs

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Infineon EiceDRIVER Gate Driver ICs are suitable for MOSFETs, IGBTs, SiC MOSFETs, and GaN HEMTs equipment. EiceDRIVER gate drivers offer a wide array of normal output latest options, from 0.1A approximately 10A. These units have robust gate travel protection functions these as quick short-circuit safety (DESAT), energetic Miller clamp, shoot-through security, fault, shutdown, and over current protection. These options make these driver ICs well-suited for each silicon and wide-bandgap ability devices, including CoolGaN, and CoolSiC.

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